We operate in the Mental Health market and the Mental Health market alone.
This means we have an unrivalled knowledge and understanding of this market.

In the provision of mental health professionals we are passionate about operating an exclusive network of only the best people, supported by a robust selection and due diligence process. Our approach is unique: rather than holding a database of ‘all-comers’ we hand-pick our own network of  locums. Being niched in the mental health market enables us to invest time in being proactive in building networks of the very best locums. All individuals represented by Hunter Mental Health have been through a rigorous process of due diligence, confirming the individual’s ability to provide a great service to clients and patients.



In the provision of mental health professionals we are passionate about operating an exclusive network of only the best people, supported by a robust selection and due-diligence process.

Our approach is unique: rather than holding a database of ‘all-comers’ we hand-pick our own stable of Locums.  Being niched in the mental health market we are able to invest time in being proactive in building networks of the very best Locums. All individuals represented by Hunter Mental Health have been through a rigorous process of due diligence, confirming the individual’s ability to provide a great service to clients and patients.


  • A robust due-diligence process, which means we only represent the most effective and reliable Locums in the market. This due-diligence process includes only accepting applications following a recommendation, a face to face interview, continual reference checking, following the initial 5 reference protocol, plus our standard compliance process.
  • Access to the very best Locums nationwide, qualified and compliant.
  • A long-term relationship based on trust and understanding.
  • You will be engaging with mental health sector experts, we listen, understand your needs and respond accordingly.

Customer service, it’s a simple philosophy but one we are passionate about.

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Benefits to membership include:

  • Join the community: be part of a network of like-minded, conscientious Locums with shared values for patients and clients.
  • A long-term relationship based on trust and understanding.
  • Access to the very best roles nationwide.
  • As part of the Hunter Mental Health network you will be appropriately marketed, in a consultative manner, taking the burden of business development away from you.
  • Represented by mental health sector experts, we listen, understand your needs and represent you professionally.
  • Weekly payments you can trust, Hunter Mental Health is part of the Hunter/Gatherer Group of Companies.
  • Market knowledge, advice and knowledge sharing on market trends and opportunities.
  • Access to exclusive Hunter Mental Health events and discounted CPD.
  • As part of the Hunter Mental Health network you receive a welcome pack, polo shirt, book and badge.
  • Customer service, it’s a simple philosophy but one we are passionate about.





Providing the finest recruitment solution in the healthcare market. Doing what we say we will, living by our company vision & values.

Healthcare Intelligence.

Understanding your needs, and providing a tailored solution – catering for individual wants & needs.


We will always do what we say we will, and will provide an expert opinion to all candidates and clients, an opinion founded on a deep understanding of market conditions, healthcare professions and the recruitment business.


The company will only succeed if we all work together, in harmony with a common purpose, and our clients and candidates will only receive the finest service if we truly work in partnership with them.

Work Ethic.

We are relentless in our efforts to provide a superior healthcare recruitment service.


Our people have a track record of exceptional success. They are energetic, focused and committed to delivering an outcome that exceeds expectations. The team are leagues ahead of their competition and unrivalled in their motivation. They’re also REAL people and quite simply, they’re amazing.


As Managing Director of Hunter AHP and Mental Health, Benton is charged with keeping the company pushing ever-forwards. From leading business development and managing internal recruitment to getting involved with day-to-day recruitment activities, marketing and HR, Benton is across all parts of our business.

Benton hails from New Zealand and grew up in Central Otago on the South Island. He started his recruitment career in 2007 employing architects before moving to the UK and recruiting Occupational Therapists. Benton quickly progressed into a managerial position supplying Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech & Language Therapists, Psychologists, Community Psychiatric Nurses, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners, Cognitive Behavioural Therapists and Registered Nurses to both NHS and private clients.

Benton now lives in South West London with his wife Anne and two children age 7 and 5. He enjoys anything that gets him outdoors, from cycling to touch rugby. Benton is, rather obviously, a big supporter of the All Blacks, as well as Liverpool FC and the New York Knicks. He is a regular theatre-goer and, when possible, savours snatching a few minutes to bury himself in a Bernard Cornwell novel.


Declan is the Director of Hunter Mental Health, a division of Hunter AHP Limited. He is passionate about assisting mental health therapists and nurses, helping them to find their dream roles and progress in their careers.

After leaving school earlier then many of his peers, Declan went straight into the world of sales. He quickly decided that his main interest was in recruitment and began working in the mental health field at the age of 19.  Declan has worked with a full spectrum of private and NHS clients, developing a preference for taking strategic actions, developing relationships and matching mental health professionals with opportunity.

Declan is extremely active and spends most evenings playing competitive squash or football. He very much enjoys travelling the south east of England playing squash in multiple leagues. Declan is also a keen skier and spends 2 – 3 weeks in France every year. Other than sport, Declan is a keen traveller and is at his happiest meeting new people and building long-lasting friendships.

Greta Compliance Hunter MH


Greta began working in healthcare compliance 4 years ago where she learned the basics of how to process documents, apply for training and carry out Government checks. Being a hugely detail-conscious individual, Greta quickly progressed to become team leader and is now Compliance Manager for both Hunter AHP and Mental Health.

Working in compliance means continuous monitoring of documents and adherence of processes and procedures – it is never-ending, all-consuming and keeps you on your toes. Greta ensures the smooth running of the compliance service while upholding the Hunter values and vision. She is a highly organised and process driven team player whose goal is to ensure that the Hunter compliance function is viewed as an enabler for the business, meets Hunter’s clients’ needs, and guarantees a smooth process for all candidates.

Outside of the office, Greta likes travelling and exploring new cities. She enjoys learning new things, broadening her horizons and meeting new people. Greta is happiest when life’s little things make her smile.


Before joining the team at Hunter Mental Health Cameron had a successful career in retail management. Coming from such a service-focused background means Cameron has an in-depth knowledge of relationship building and customer support.  Delivering great service is one of the values that we stand by and believe is key to successful working relationships between our company and everyone we work alongside.

From a young age Cameron loved quizzes and puzzles and gets great satisfaction from using his knowledge to complete difficult tasks and match suitable gaps with solutions. When he is not working he will be socialising with friends, cooking and following a host of sports teams (the mighty Stevenage FC and Jacksonville Jaguars). He finds nothing better than getting stuck into a good book or binging on Netflix crime dramas.

Cameron thrives on expanding his knowledge and talking to new people, so please do get in touch to see what he can do for you.


Owen is a hugely dedicated individual and goes above and beyond to secure the best possible deal with everyone that he works with.  Having recently started in mental health recruitment, Owen is enjoying working in a career where he is rewarded for providing a caring service for everyone involved.

From an early age Owen was always fond of the water and this passion carried through to his professional career as an award-winning sailor.  On the weekends you’ll find Owen back out on the water, or annoying the neighbours trying to learn how to play a piano… He takes every opportunity possible to explore the world, and he loves getting to know people’s stories and how they’ve got to where they are. Owen lives by the philosophy that everyone knows something he doesn’t, which keeps him curious and helps him to provide a comprehensive service.

Owen is always excited to hear what people have to say and looks forward to introducing you to your future role with Hunter Mental Health.


Embracing diversity

Hunter Mental Health embraces diversity and promotes the benefits of diversity in all of our resourcing activities. We will widen the media in which we recruit to ensure a diverse an employee and candidate base. We will also strive to make sure that our clients meet their own diversity targets.

Age discrimination

Hunter Mental Health will not discriminate directly or indirectly, harass or victimise any person on the grounds of their age. We will encourage clients not to include any age criteria in job specifications and every attempt will be made to persuade clients to recruit on the basis of competence and skills, not age.

No age requirements will be stated in any job advertisements on behalf of the company.

Hunter Mental Health will request age as part of its recruitment process but such information will not be used as selection, training or promotion criteria or in any detrimental way and is only for compilation of personal data, which the company holds on all employees and workers and as part of its equal opportunities monitoring process.

Protection of the environment

Protection of the environment in which we live and operate is part of our values and principles and we consider it to be sound business practice. Care for the environment is one of our key responsibilities and an important part of the way in which we do business.

In this policy statement, which links to our CSR policy we commit our company to:

  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and approved codes of practice
  • Protecting the environment by striving to prevent and minimise our contribution to pollution of land, air, and water
  • Seeking to keep wastage to a minimum and maximise the efficient use of materials and resources
  • Managing and disposing of all waste in a responsible manner
  • Providing training for our staff so that we all work in accordance with this policy and within an environmentally aware culture
  • Developing our management processes to ensure that environmental factors are considered during planning and implementation (what environmental factors do you consider)?
  • Monitoring and continuously improving our environmental performance.

This policy statement and the supporting documentation which details how we apply this policy within our work environment and operating practices will be reviewed on an annual basis and updated as necessary, by our in-house environmental manager. The management team endorses these policy statements and is fully committed to their implementation

Positive about people with disabilities

We have a positive attitude towards job applications from people with disabilities and are committed to:

  • Interview all applicants with disabilities who meet the minimum criteria for a job vacancy and to consider them on their abilities
  • Discuss with employees with disabilities, at any time but at least once a year, what both parties can do to make sure employees can develop and use their abilities
  • Make every effort when employees become disabled to make sure they stay in employment
  • Take action to ensure that all employees develop the appropriate level of disability awareness needed to make these commitments work. Review these commitments each year and assess what has been achieved, plan ways to improve on them and let employees and Jobcentre Plus know about progress and future plans

Data protection & privacy policy

The Data Protection Act 1998 sets out requirements in relation to personal data. Personal data is any data relating to a living individual who can be identified from that data and other information which is held or is likely to be held by Hunter Mental Health.

The information you supply, including, where relevant, sensitive personal data relating to you will be disclosed to Hunter Mental Health staff, agents and employers seeking candidates for employment. Hunter Mental Health will only forward your information to prospective employers with your prior consent. It will be disclosed to persons to whom we may transfer rights and obligations in connection with our business, and to any organisations who provide a service to us, and who have agreed to keep your information confidential. It will also be disclosed to third parties where required or permitted by law.

Hunter Mental Health is registered in the UK with the Information Commissioner’s Office for Data Protection.

Data Controller name: Hunter AHP Resourcing Ltd
Registration number: ZA279437

Corporate and social responsibility

In addition to our policies on equality and diversity, our corporate social responsibility includes a commitment to consider environmental sustainability. Hunter Mental Health considers the environment in its corporate activities. This spans from reducing the paper usage in our offices to promoting the use of public transport to reduce our carbon footprint.



The Foundation supports and raises funds for a range of good causes and is run by Hunter’s staff with the support of our clients, candidates, interims and suppliers. The Foundation raises money through a selection of sponsored charitable activities or events. Hunter organise a selection of events throughout the year. Staff, clients, candidates, interims and suppliers are also encouraged and supported to get involved in their own events that raise funds for the Foundation’s charities.

Hunter Foundation