We operate in the mental health market and the mental health market alone.
This means we have an unrivalled knowledge and understanding of this market.

In the provision of mental health professionals we are passionate about operating an exclusive network of only the best people, supported by a robust selection and due diligence process. Our approach is unique: rather than holding a database of ‘all-comers’ we hand-pick our own network of locums. Being niched in the mental health market enables us to invest time in being proactive in building networks of the very best locums. All individuals represented by Hunter Mental Health have been through a rigorous process of due diligence, confirming the individual’s ability to provide a great service to clients and patients.

Market Knowledge.

Hunter is dedicated to the healthcare sector; this ensures we have optimal knowledge of the market. This market knowledge is underwritten by the support and guidance of our advisory board of healthcare thought leaders.


Hunter is passionate about building collaborative partnerships. Our service is offered in partnership with a range of providers that truly add value to NHS organisations.

Embracing Diversity.

Hunter embraces diversity and promotes the benefits of diversity in all of our resourcing activities. We will widen the media in which we recruit to ensure a diverse employee and candidate base. We will also strive to make sure that our clients meet their own diversity targets.

Rhiannon Smith, Partner at Hunter, is an adviser to the Cabinet Office, in particular on ways to improve the diversity of public bodies.


We pride ourselves on the strength and quality of our network, which has grown organically through recommendations and referrals.


Delivering talent at the right time to achieve your outcome is our priority. The way we support you through delivery must be aligned to your need, which is why we offer great flexibility over how we work together.

What’s right will depend on your circumstances, and the best way to begin the process is with an informal discussion with one of our partners, a specialist in supplying healthcare management talent.




We are passionate about building positive and lasting relationships, which underpins our commitment to delivering the very best outcomes for our clients and candidates.


Providing the finest recruitment solution in the healthcare market. Doing what we say we will, living by our company vision & values.

Healthcare Intelligence.

Understanding your needs, and providing a tailored solution – catering for individual wants & needs.


We will always do what we say we will, and will provide an expert opinion to all candidates and clients, an opinion founded on a deep understanding of market conditions, healthcare professions and the recruitment business.


The company will only succeed if we all work together, in harmony with a common purpose, and our clients and candidates will only receive the finest service if we truly work in partnership with them.

Work Ethic.

We are relentless in our efforts to provide a superior healthcare service.